Sunday, September 9, 2012


I'm writing a blog about poop.  Not generic poop either.  My poop.

This is quite a bit outside of my comfort zone.

Although I'm pretty open about things, even embarrassing things, toileting was not a topic that I ever thought I would be discussing with anyone.  I kind of just took it for granted that I wouldn't ever need to discuss it with anyone.

When I first met my GI doctor I struggled to find language to use to politely describe what was happening with me.  It just squicked me out to talk about it.  Even now, I have a hard time talking in specific language.

I say "used the bathroom" instead of "shat so much blood the toilet water looked like fruit punch".

Or  "Having a bad day" instead of "pooped in a plastic bag in my car".

But.  I am being incredibly open about my condition online.  I used the word "anus" in my opening post even.  And the contrast between my words in person and online has me wondering.

Because now that I've put it out there, you know what's going on.

Obviously I knew this.  When you post a link to your blog, people are going to read it.  I've also been encouraged by what people have said to me, congratulating me on speaking out, on being honest.  But underneath all that though, are you grossed out?  Do you think differently of me?

There seem to be only two groups of people who can talk about defecation openly and not be judged: guys,and new parents.

The new parents get away with it easily.  They're not even talking about their own poop.  It's baby poop.  It's cute.

Guys too.  It's totally culturally acceptable for them to openly discuss body parts and their functions.

But girls?  Are we allowed to talk about this stuff?  Without being thought of as disgusting?  I sure hope so.  In my travels through the Interwebs, I've found a great group that is doing their best to break down the stigma associated with IBD.  It's called Girls With Guts and the stories there are pretty inspirational.  It's definitely worth a read if you're even remotely interested.

As for me, well I imagine that I will get more comfortable with language as time goes on.  After all, Everyone Poops!


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  1. As the only girl in a sibling set of four and a mom to four boys we talk about poop almost every day lol.
    Having a child with GI issues also makes the conversation easier but the first time that I had to explain about green foamy poop I will admit that I squirmed a bit... It felt strange to talk about with anyone other than someone who just showed me their best and loudest armpit fart. The words are easier now and I think that with others like you bringing an open sense of normalcy to the situation in the future there may not be so many code words and seat squirming required.